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Examination of travelers' luggage is carried out rapidly and courteously. All ordinary personal effects are exempt from customs duty.
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what should I do in case of emergency?

Here are some useful numbers for emergency cases:

  • Tourist Police:                     1735
  • Lebanese Red Cross:           140
  • Civil Defense:                      125
  • General Security:                 1717
  • Beirut Rafic Hariri Airport:      150
what is the weather like in Lebanon?
Lebanon enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate with an average of 300 sunny days a year. July and august are often hot and humid, with temperatures around 30° Celsius. It almost never rains between June and September. Winters are generally cool with heavy rain on the coast and snow in mountains.
what is the currency in Lebanon?
The currency in Lebanon is Lebanese Lira, but U.S. dollars are accepted everywhere, and Euros are accepted mainly in touristic places.
Where can I find the embassy or consulate of my country in Lebanon?

Check the website of the Ministry of External Affairs:
00961 1 333100                 00961 1 333099

Or call the Tourist Information Office: 0091 1 343 073
what are the national public holidays in Lebanon?

Holidays with fixed dates:

  • New year’s Day                           January 1
  • Christmas (Armenian Orthodox)   January 6
  • St. Maron’s Day                          February 9
  • Annunciation                              25 March
  • Labor Day                                  May 1
  • Assumption Day                         August 15
  • Independence Day                     November 22           
  • Christmas                                 December 25

Religious Holidays with moveable dates:  

  • Catholic Good Friday
  • Orthodox Good Friday
  • Catholic Easter
  • Orthodox Easter
  • Al Sini Al Hegira
  • Ashoura
  • Al-Fitr
  • Al-Adha
  • Al Mawled Al Nabawi
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