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Workshops and Training
MOT Training session for the GBO Program candidates
19 July 2014

On 17 July 2014, the Ministry of Tourism organized a training session at Ecole Superieure des Affaires (ESA) for the candidates of the Global Business Opportunities (GBO) Program developed by the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) division of the Emirati Al Ahli Holding Group.

The event was inaugurated by Mrs Nada Sardouk, Director-General of the Ministry of Tourism, Mr Abbas Sibai , Manager of Al Ahli Group CSR division in Lebanon , and ‎Dr. Abdel-Maoula Chaar Research and Doctoral Studies Center Director at Ecole Supérieure des Affaires (ESA) Their presence stresses the relevance of effective collaboration between the public, private and educational sectors.

The workshop was designed by the Youth and Local Bodies department within the Tourism Development Division of the Ministry of Tourism to respond to the need of the CSR division to train the GBO Lebanese candidates on how to represent Lebanon abroad highlighting its cultural assets and tourism-related businesses.

The Global Business Opportunities program (GBO) is an unprecedented educational and cultural program targeting multinational youth aged between 20-27 and aiming to empower them with the knowledge and tools to start and run their own business. The program is an interesting experience for the young participants, as they will interact with the top business and academic leaders from the participating countries. They visit large corporations, establish contact networks and interact with people with similar experiences and interests in the business world.

The GBO is to be held in Argentina for its 6th edition this year .

In the introductory session, Mrs Mona Fares, Director of the Tourism Development Division at the Ministry of Tourism, explained the role of the division in developing the tourism product and promoting it.

The focal orientation of the training was to transmit messages that build a positive, authentic and attractive image of Lebanon. 

Within this perspective, the Head of the Production department at the Ministry of Tourism, Mrs Hiba Hassanieh, and graphic designer, Mrs Carmen Abou Chakra, presented an overview of the Ministry’s promotional campaigns throughout the years with the main messages and themes communicated.

Mrs Racha Abou Alewi, Head of the Reception and Information department at the Ministry of Tourism, introduced the ministry’s latest promotional campaign ‘’Live Love Lebanon’’ – a concept combining packages in Lebanon off the beaten trail, and inciting Lebanese to be their country’s ambassadors. 

Finally, Ms Petra Obeid, Head of Youth and Local Bodies department, conducted a comprehensive session about the Lebanese patrimony. Interactive and animated methods were used to reveal the values of our people and the traces they have left in history through legends, arts, culinary heritage and community-based tourism . She was assisted with trainees from Saint Joseph University (Ms Nour Sardouk and Ms Rayan Al Ajouz)